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Alyn and Deeside

Alyn and Deeside – Who is standing up for this community?


Alyn and Deeside – Who is standing up for this community?

Most importantly, who is showing up for this community?

Throughout this election period, we have had four hustings, and REFORM UK is the only party and candidate who has attended each one.

If this were a World Cup chart, REFORM UK would take the cup home.             

Candidate Party Hustings Attended
Vicki Roskams Reform UK Flint Library

TCC – online

HFT- Queensferry

Buckley Methodist Church

Richard Marbrow Liberal Democrats TCC – online

Buckley Methodist Church

Jeremy Kent Conservatives Flint Library

Buckley Methodist Church

Edwin Duggan Independent HFT- Queensferry

Buckley Methodist Church

Mark Tami Labour TCC – online 1
Karl Macnaughton Green Party 0
Jack Morris Plaid Cymru 0


I would particularly like to Thank Jeremy Kent and Richard Marbrow below in the picture, who, unlike other attendees at Buckley Methodist Church, supported having the roving Microphone to accommodate my disabilities so I did not have to try and manoeuvre up and down the stairs multiple times and stayed on the one level with me, rather than exclude or make me feel not involved.

Please take a moment to reflect on the following information this 4th of July 2024:

Which candidate has consistently shown up for our community when it was needed?

– Supported community events

– Supported grassroots clubs

– Supported community initiatives

– Supported our schools with knowledge and assistance

– Supported our forces through various events, and both organisations holding Gold Accredited AFC

– Advocated for those in need within our community on issues of Disability, Equality, Inclusion, Skills, and Education

has collaborated with social enterprises and businesses to provide solutions and support that help the community thrive rather than survive.

Unlike others, Vicki and Reform have attended every husting, as she cares about the future of this community and its People.

She finds it imperative to be present for her community and at local events, listening to and addressing community concerns if she can, offering solutions based on what Reform could offer with their “Contract with YOU,” and working in partnership with others to build solid foundations for a bolder future.