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Alyn and Deeside

Reform UK’s First Councillor in Flintshire (Wales)

Take a stand to save the world


Connor Wynne, representing Hawarden Community Council’s – Mancot Ward, is the first councillor for Flintshire under Reform UK. He has always been actively involved in matters concerning his community, such as advocating for better roads, safer and cleaner streets, and addressing issues like planning applications.

Connor has also volunteered during local and general elections.

Motivated by Reform UK’s recent success in Wales, particularly in Alyn and Deeside, Connor pursued his goal of becoming a community councillor.

He was a key member and valued volunteer of Vicki Roskams’ campaign in Alyn and Deeside for Reform UK, where their significant vote share secured the second position after Welsh Labour in this long-standing Labour seat.


In Connor’s words, “I was inspired learning about her commitment to this community and her drive for change, a change that will drive greatness and accountability. For too long, Welsh Labour has taken the electorate in North Wales, and my community in particular, for granted, with residents becoming the test subjects of their unwanted, poorly thought out, and wasteful vanity projects rolled out without consensus across the nation.”

Connor firmly believes in Reform UK’s ‘Our Contract With You’ and is committed to basing his service to the community on this principle. Collaborating with the local authority and the local Reform UK team, his objective is to identify practical solutions to reduce costs, lower taxes, boost employment, and ensure fair wages, with the ultimate goal of fostering prosperity for all.

As a 23-year-old, Connor aims to be a relatable advocate for young people in the community, particularly those who feel marginalized. He seeks to empower those who may be disillusioned about the impact of their views and actions on effecting change, inviting them to participate in decision-making processes to enhance the community and shape a better future for themselves and their peers.

Connor has always lived in beautiful North Wales, mainly in Flintshire, and is proud to be WELSH. He received an excellent education, attending Ewloe Green C.P. School and later Hawarden High School. He has worked across various fields and is now progressing as an investment consultant at a senior level. In his leisure time, he enjoys attending agricultural shows, of which there are plenty in North Wales, and regularly goes swimming.