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Alyn and Deeside

Crumbling Public Sector Infrastructure

broken infrastructure

Almost every public service and infrastructure is crumbling around us and needs stronger leadership and direction.

Most local councils have a top-down structure, with too many managers and not enough on the ground doing the work to support an ever-growing community.

Millions of people are struggling to survive the cost-of-living crisis, and many are slipping into bankruptcy, bad health, poverty, and homelessness.

NHS waiting lists are at record levels of over 7 million people facing treatment delays, and Doctors and Nurses are being pushed to the brink.

Locally in Alyn and Deeside the number broken down is approximately 3000 people to every doctor that is available.

For a population of close to 80,000, and with surgeries across the Alyn and Deeside region sharing key Doctors’ resources, or asking people to book appointments virtually, people on low incomes and the elderly are being left behind.

Farmers are being fleeced by supermarkets, and larger corporations are buying their land to build solar and wind farms to support the green agenda, so people are paying a premium to have their food imported.

Small businesses are going bankrupt at record levels due to high taxation, staffing, and energy costs. The high street is dying.

School buildings are unfit for purpose, with a record number of them not being maintained to standard, or having old and defective building products due to age, and many councils have passed the care over to each school whose experience lies in educating our future generations, and yet, on the other hand, cut their budgets, so which has to give young people’s education or safety?

Roads are constantly breaking, potholes are turning into sinkholes, and when it rains Sandycroft needs to invest in an ARK, due to the lack of response from the local authority and its partners NRW to address the drains and flooding issues, and still, they give planning permission of flood plains locally, all part of the LDP as they state,  and yet no further Doctors, Dentists or Health care plans brought into the picture.

The care homes sector is a total mess with authorities budgeting differing amounts to cover the costs per person for the same level of nursing care to residents.

Utility services are not fit for service, and due to lack of investment in infrastructure, will be looking at rationing supply due to being at breaking point, but household and business utility payments have become extortionate, and people are being offered minuscule amounts of money to cut there supply off at peak times.

But nothing ever gets done to fix any of this. Yet our government continues to spend BILLIONS of our tax money putting immigrants in hotels, issuing dodgy contracts to various corporations, net-zero targets, bombing Yemen, and throwing money in Ukraine.

What happened to manning our own Borders and upgrading the workwear and safety equipment on our Forces to keep them Safe?


We need to restructure at both the local level and the Government level and rebuild it from the ground up so that monies and resources are utilised correctly for those areas and people most in need, and not for friends of friends.

They set a leveling-up agenda, so let’s get some people who have run business and social businesses or understand their region’s needs so they can better strategize on the best use of resources.

A Change is needed now before it is too late, and that change is REFORM UK.