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Alyn and Deeside

Why have I decided to run for the local MP for Alyn and Deeside?

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Recently a few questions have been raised why go into politics if you want to help the community in Alyn & Deeside, and especially why Reform UK?

I’m a working disabled entrepreneur who runs 3 award-winning businesses including a foundation that gives back to its community.

I have worked all my adult life against the odds, and in this time built up 3-outstanding businesses alongside both white-and-blue-collar companies, that support a high number of individuals locally to reskill back into work from all backgrounds and nations.

I pay my taxes on time, which is crippling many small businesses, and see many businesses of all ages failing over the past few years and leaving the high streets weekly due to the pressure placed on them from the mismanagement of government both locally and nationally.

I felt compelled to get involved in politics not because I want to (as many of you may not know, to stand as a candidate you volunteer a lot of your own free time, effort, and resources) but because, just like many of you, we’ve had enough with the current state of things in our communities and our country.

We are seeing a continual decline in everything from the cost of living to our public services and this is not right!

1) People locally are fighting to save their Fireservice, as they are scrapping the nightshift ?? are we back in the dark ages,? what price does this government put on people’s lives?

2) People are being flooded out of their homes, due to the lack of infrastructure and planning locally in both disaster management once an incident occurs, and the building on flood plains.

3) The government announced plans to tackle getting everyone back to work, but in the latest announcements, it’s let’s hit on the disabled first.. Those most vulnerable.

4) Was it not the mismanagement of COVID that caused most of the mental health concerns in the first place? We need to find the root cause first and to gently support these people not just force them out into the cold and hope it works.

5) The government has no plans to stop the boats, the Rwanda bill keeps getting kicked down the road, and we do not know who is in our country, and is costing millions per day.

I am all for immigration, when it is controlled, and have decades of working with people from a wide range of countries who work hard for the UK economy. I am also lucky to have some of them as friends and feel we can learn a lot to respect each other’s cultures and beliefs .

But without the proper controls and measures in place, the UK at the moment is like a bad case of SIMCITY with rishisunak and his team at the controls.

So here I stand, to say enough is enough and it’s time for change. It’s time for Reform.

It takes every single one of you to stand together if you believe we can make a difference, no matter how small our voice may be, together we will roar and make a difference.

• for our families,
• for our communities and
• for our country.

Choose Reform because together we can make a difference. If not now, then when?

#EnoughIsEnough #choosereform