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Alyn and Deeside

What price is government putting on the growth of the Welsh Tourism Industry?

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Major decisions are being made and implemented by the Welsh Government, and the wider UK Westminster Government, and the whole public sector which are having a hugely detrimental effect on the tourism and hospitality industry, particularly here in North Wales where there are limited employment and economic opportunities in other sectors.

Only towards the end of 2023, we see 2 catastrophic closures of 2 heavily initially invested tourism attractions ( Adventure Park Snowdonia & Rhyl SeaQuarium) which have been left to fend for themselves over the past few years, with the inevitable loss of skills and employment for committed staff in the area, alongside the tourism offer of North Wales.








In the words of Jim Jones, CEO of North Wales Tourism, said: “The closure of the Rhyl SeaQuarium is truly heartbreaking for its owners, the town of Rhyl, and the overall tourism offer of North Wales. This unfortunate event serves as a wake-up call for the Welsh Government to actively support the tourism industry.”

At best there is a total indifference from decision-makers as to whether tourism businesses survive, at worst this could be perceived as a deliberate undermining of all the factors that affect the sector to cause its gradual collapse.

“All pleas for support from small businesses are consistently ignored while introduced Wales-wide policies such as the tourism tax and the 182-day occupancy rule on properties are further reducing visitor footfall and spending whilst increasing running costs so drastically that many hospitality businesses are no longer viable and are permanently closing or selling up.

This is further impacted by the increase in the Autumn budget of the minimum wage to anyone aged 21 and over and is likely to be the last nail in the coffin for many struggling seasonal tourism businesses, who may already be concerned about making it through the winter.

These organisations and people are now finding that they will be crippled by their hugely increased seasonal staffing costs and tax next year and face the inevitable decision to call it quits and sell up before next year.

On top of this the ridiculous imposed blanket 20mph speed limit across the whole of Wales.

When will the people make a stand and say #EnoughisEnough

Now is the time for #Reform, Now is the time to have your voices heard.

When it comes to the election, remember these decisions made by both the Tory and Labour Governments over the past few decades both locally and nationally which are desecrating the area, and choose to pick the person who you feel will be on your side and fight for your rights.