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Alyn and Deeside

The Cash in your Pocket – Desecration of Banks on the High Street


Let us fight to keep the #banks on our #streets, and the #cash in our #pockets.

Only this week we heard the shocking news that yet another bank is to leave Shotton, Flintshire at the end of March 2024, which is the 3rd in 12 months, leaving none for the constituents of the wider area.

Another North Wales bank set to close in the latest blow to region’s high streets – North Wales Live (

What are our MP’s, MS’s, and Local authorities doing about this?

These closures have been in the plans for years, and with the promise of Banc Cambria alongside Development Bank of Wales from the Welsh Government which has never materialized since it was promised in 2021, yet Cardiff has one?

What do our older generations and most vulnerable use now, as these places are not just places for money, but also places where people go for a chat and not to feel so #isolated, and get them out of the house.

Where do people pay their cheques?

How do shops bank their takings?

How do people with low credit scores gain bank accounts?

Banks also offer flexibility and support those most in need with differing flexibility to match their needs, how can that be done over the phone or computer?

This is taking the Human and personal touch out of the world.

People also use other facilities when they come to town to visit the bank and bring much-needed footfall to use the high streets, which grows the economy, so closing the Banks is yet another nail in the coffin for the small local family businesses.

How are small businesses supposed to get advice and support in their initial stages?

The Financial Services and Markets Act 2023 gives the FCA powers to ensure that customers have “reasonable access” to free cash deposit and withdrawal facilities.

Why has someone not intervened to stop this area from losing all its banks?

#takeastand now is the time for #reformuk

Please follow this link to read Reform’s stance on the situation

The Cash In Your Pocket – Reform UK (