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Alyn and Deeside

Its our future – Are you listening Britain?


As a young person, it is hard to resist feeling depressed when looking at the seemingly dismal future of this country.

I am one of the few remaining youths who have a sense of pride in this country. Many people of my age are apathetic, and those who have “passion” are intent on sacrificing this nation at the altar of woke agendas, but I’m sure that many of these people will grow out of their delusions. 

The reason for widespread apathy, particularly amongst the youth, comes as a direct result of the political establishment’s failure to inspire hope for the future.


Young people do care about politics – they just don’t give a damn about the parties.

How can you blame them for feeling exasperated? You can see why young voters are put off. They switch on the news and see party leaders acting like eight-year-olds in a schoolyard or holding up a halibut. 


As a follower of current affairs, I am becoming increasingly used to hearing stories of job losses (such as those at Tata Steel), tax rises, a cost of living crisis, and failing public services. What we need is a government with the political will to make a profound change, a change that will bring economic prosperity and all its associated benefits, to this once-great country.  This is what inspired me to get into politics, and more specifically, it is what inspired me to get involved with Reform UK.

What I see in Vicki is an individual who has done many great things for her community, which is more than I can say for most incumbent politicians.

Vicki has a proven track record of “getting things done”, and she is most certainly NOT afraid to point out incompetence when she sees it.

Vicki also has a clear passion for the next generation, and inspiring them to get involved in both Heritage and Culture to have a better understanding of their Region, supporting them with skills and knowledge, and get more engaged with community concerns, allowing them a voice and to be included.

What we need is straight-talking politicians like Vicki, who will listen and say precisely what they mean.  We need people who can relate to the ordinary, working man, not self-serving, public-school-educated, elitist “know-it-alls” whose ignorance of the British public has been epitomized throughout both the cost-of-living crisis and Brexit. 

Both Labour and the Tories have had their respective cracks of the whip: and they have both failed. It is time for change, change that will restore hope to millions of Britons, both young and old, across the country. It is time for Reform UK.