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Alyn and Deeside

How do we grow Honesty back into Politics?

fixing a broken britain

As Sir Kier Starmer does his election speech for BBC and talks to a generation about “a new project Hope” and being down with the people, alongside Rishi making comparisons to his humble upbringing, is it now time to ask, how do we put the #Honest back in politics?

We live in an era of post-truth politics.

Earlier this week as reported by ( it was announced that the Office for Statistics Regulation is investigating Rishi Sunak’s dubious claim to have cleared the asylum backlog.

On Thursday 4th Jan 2024, Sir Keir Starmer made his first pitch of what is likely to be an election year in a speech variously briefed as being about distancing himself from Jeremy Corbyn, cleaning up politics, and tackling voter apathy.

Along the way he set out some previously announced policies that are so small scale, they are virtually negligible – a move that is very clearly distinct from the Jeremy Corbyn era, which, whatever you thought of it, did offer a clear choice with the Conservatives with bold policies on public ownership, scrapping tuition fees, and redistributive taxation.

Starmer then went on to announce that we were ‘a downtrodden country’ and that things had never been so bad, the tempo of his delivery, which was a lot slower than the 20mph you are allowed to go in Labour Wales, it was apparent that he intended to make us even more oppressed.

He then went on to add we had suffered enough of ‘this miserabilist Tory project’ and we needed ‘a new Project Hope’.

A normal person, selling optimism, might lift the voice a touch, smile, and be lighter in our approach. We might give the sentence a bit more vigour, and va va voom. But no, Not Sir Keir, he droned on and said ‘a new Project of Hope’ like an accountant listing his fees for the annual tax return.

HOPE to me stands for: –

  • Honest
  • Open
  • People
  • Empowerment

Allowing people, a voice to raise concerns that deeply affect them and their communities, and having a leader and champion that empathizes with their problem, as they have been there too, and helps collaborate with its constituents to resolve the situation and be more optimistic about their future.

Going on a screen and spouting out words is not going to change people’s minds, it is the actions behind these words that are effective and a record of creating this change for Good.

What do Rishi Sunak and Kier Starmer know about working-class people and families? They both come from Middle-class backgrounds with private school education and when both have been asked, on radio and TV, their answer is working-class people are people and families who work for a living by going out to work? as was stated repeatedly on the LBC radio show link below.

Do we not all work? just some are renumerated higher than others and can afford more luxuries in life, whilst others are living day by day, and pay cheque by pay cheque.

To me, HOPE means empowering people to help give them the skills and desire they need to create #CHANGE, and a feeling of #TRUST that things can happen, to make their lives better, and that they have been listened to, and if people are failed numerous times, this hope is eroded.

  • Only these past few weeks there has been so much controversy over decisions made by our PM and in-decisiveness from Kier Starmer and the scandals that have occurred. How can they now be peddling “HOPE”?
  • Michelle Mone hits back at Rishi Sunak over PPE scandal – BBC News
  • Keir Starmer interrogates squirming Rishi Sunak over Michelle Mone PPE scandal at PMQs (

This video above shows the grandstanding in parliament of some overpaid individuals paid to do a job, and cannot be respectful or civil to each other, and what can only be said as playground tactics. They dare to talk about struggles and hardworking people, and go around the houses, yet never actually come up with a solution.

Maybe, the politics in the UK should implement some of the key lean management processes that help people in industry and business #innovate and #grow.
After watching the thought-provoking drama Mr Bates Vs, The Post Office this week, it made me reflect on my life in business and especially how learning never goes away, and through key partnerships, we can find solutions to any problems in business and the world.

Through being supported on the Toyota Lean Clusters programme last year which helped ourselves innovate our organisation to run more efficiently, including implementing change management techniques such as acting for others, working with integrity and honesty, showing respect to people and thanking them.

It feels like the opposite of the Post Office Horizon drama recently on TV, or for the support their workers received from either the organisation or the public service and local MPs when they whistle blew and came to them for support with their concerns.

My organisation and team through support from our expert Toyota mentor developed a “No fear or blame culture,” and embraced that “FAIL” was the first attempt at learning, and through Continuous Improvement the corrective action was to modify the system so it could never happen again, obviously from things happening in Government the same processes cannot be said for them.

Toyota Continuous Improvement 2022 Pathway

Is this not the better way to work together as a “TEAM” and gain expert advice from industry to help a stagnated political structure to “REFORM” and “Rebuild” a better Britain to create a more sustainable future for all?

There has been some negative media around “REFORM UK” but look at some of the people who are standing in its seats for the upcoming election.

1. They are not Politically Driven.
2. They come from working-class backgrounds and have been through the strained public school system.
3. They live within your communities.
4. They offer “Real Life Experience”.
5. They have also faced many struggles you have.
6. Some are successful business and industry entrepreneurs both commercially and socially focussed.
7. They believe in their communities and their people.

8. They are taking the #STAND as they are fed up with the Status Quo of the Modern Britain of today and want to help create a better one for our present and future generations.

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