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Alyn and Deeside

Reform Welsh Conference – Port Talbot

einstein reform

I had the privilege to speak at the recent Welsh Reform Conference in Port Talbot on 4th February 2024.

My speech was an open letter to the PM and opposing leader to take a walk with me through our communities and see how there decisions over the past few decades had eradicated all sense of sovereignty from both WALES and the wider UK.

To see the rise of anxiety and mental health in our communities, British people including a high amount of ex forces homeless on the streets, whilst we home those deemed illegal immigrants in luxury flats and hotels, the once thriving family businesses boarded up and driven out by Multinationals taking over our towns. Businesses and self employed pushed out of business due to high tax brackets and costs, and our banks closing on the high streets, and forcing people to move to digital means, creating the digital exclusion and widening the digital poverty gap for those struggling in this cost of living crisis and also use this as a way of keeping included in the community.

The audience was very inquisitive, and asked many questions in the interval, and I was honoured to meet some of those 2600 potential job losses who have been placed at the sharp ends of the erratic decisions around the Green Agenda, and hear from one engineer to another the true story of the condition of the furnace and how if they were PM for the day what there solution would be.

Please click the link to see the video in full:-