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Alyn and Deeside

Why do they think it is ok to rewrite our Heritage and Culture which built this great Nation.

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Stop creating #division, what is the agenda these 2 main parties are driving towards?

Do they think their policies of divide and conquer, and creating division and labels over the past few decades have created a stable place of harmony?

Whilst I appreciate it is international women’s day today, and we have become a nation of having days and months of celebrating people’s achievements, is this FAIR?

Back in the 1930’s and 40’s we never had these characteristics or labels, and everyone got on just fine.

We did have division between certain fractions, but you saw great logos like:-

To help motivate and bring people together through the hard times, where no matter who you are or where you came from everyone mucked in together to rebuild Britain after the Wars.

It is this and only this, that will help REBUILD Britain back into the formidable country that once stood proud.

The recent move in the budget by the Tory government to announce a new monument for the Muslim community and to waste £1 million pounds of tax payers money in this cost of living crisis is nothing short of virtue signalling and this only creates another #divide  and #anger.

Only last month Sadiq Khan – the supposed Mayor of London over ruled the idea of having a statue of our late Queen Elizabeth II – our longest standing monarch gain her rightful place on the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square, which would enrich the cultural landscape of that iconic backdrop for which a petition is live on

Can I ask, why is it not good enough as it has been for over 100 years, for Muslims to be remembered and be buried alongside all other nations under the tomb of the unknown soldier where people from all generations, races, sexes, and cultures were remembered together.

There are these graves in most cemeteries across the whole of Britain that “remember those fallen”, and both heaven and hell do not discriminate in Death, so why should we on earth.

Is this not true #equality and #respect, let’s stop being such a nanny state.

Why do people think it is ok to re-write our history to fulfil these new WOKE agendas pushed by a bigger itinerary.

Would that money not be better spent on rehousing some of veterans and families of which some are homeless or in need of specialist adaptions.

On this point the Home Office are trying to turn RAF Scampton into an asylum seekers camp for over 2500 illegal immigrant individuals as a holding centre.

This former RAF camp was the iconic home of the Dambusters 617 squadron, who were a major force in Britain winning the war, as well as the old base for the RED Arrows before they were moved to RAF Valley, and before the Home Office hatched this plan 3 years ago, they had plans to turn this into a museum and heritage centre to celebrate Britain’s great history in its iconic grade 2 listed WW2 hangers to include over 1500 artifacts and Planes including a Blue Steel Missile, along with a training centre to help restore the buildings and memorabilia, as well as a rehabilitation centre for veterans, serving forces and their families and housing for those in need, creating over 1000 jobs and new growth and population for the area.


More than 76,000 people have signed the petition against Scampton’s plans to become an Asylum centre, especially following the ambitious regeneration programme they had outlined to create inward investment of over $300 million from private investors and create over 1000 new jobs to the region.

Where was there any mention in this recent BUDGET of spending to support our present Veterans and Families or those serving to help with Defence spending.

We are fighting a battle on 2 fronts, whilst I appreciate Gazza and Ukraine are going on, our government is desecrating our Forces one step at a time, and depleting our supplies of armoury to other countries, without backing up with money to restock.

Alongside this they are allowing foreign commercial bodies to close down critical infrastructure that is the backbone of British industry like the Port Talbot Steelworks furnaces with the losses of 2,600, and British Steel up in Scunthorpe,  where the practicalities show there is not enough virgin steel to be recycled in these electrical furnaces proposed, and Britain would become reliant on other countries to get its supply.


I have just written to my local MP and those looking at standing requesting they find out where the money is going to for this Muslim memorial? and other concerns raised in this letter.

I implied there may be government connections, just as there were with the PPE scandal, and that this process should be as transparent as possible.

Having watched GB News last tonight and the West African War Memorial costing £75k, how on earth can this cost £1 million?

I also know from my work with heritage buildings and monuments that unless it is plated in gold that it will not cost £1 million.

I started to think about where that money could go; how many nurses it could train, how many potholes it could fill, how many schools who are crumbling with asbestos could be helped.

I am not racist. I believe everyone should be valued.

This virtue signalling in my own beliefs is racist and devaluing all those from other religions who are not given a shiny new memorial.

I am sure if you could ask all those who died in the war what they would like to spend 1 million pounds on,

  • it would be to help their friends and relatives in need,
  • get ambulances to them before it’s too late and to educate their children.
  • To provide housing for those in need in our own communities

It wouldn’t be for some large stone lump for pigeons to crap on and politicians to lay a wreath on once a year.

I think everyone should write to their MP or local constituent as Enough is enough.